Workplace not into your tattoos? Need to move on from your ink?
TATT OFF! uses the Rejuvi® Tattoo Removal System, which is a highly effective non-laser technique.

What is Rejuvi?

The Rejuvi® tattoo removal system is a highly effective, non-laser tattoo ink extraction system designed to completely remove tattoo ink pigments from your body. For over ten years The Rejuvi® tattoo removal system has been tested, developed and researched to give you the best results. It is also used internationally for over five years.

tratment gallery

The following images are of the actual treatment process. You can see how effective the Rejuvi® tattoo removal process is after only a few visits.

How does The Rejuvi® tattoo removal system work?

The Rejuvi® tattoo removal system uses the same method as your original tattoo: the formula is delivered to the tattoo ink to be removed using a permanent make-up machine or tattoo gun. This treatment methodis only performed by trained tattoo professionals or permanent make up artists.

The extraction cream is designed to specifically blend with and bond with the original tattoo ink. The special formula forms into a thicker substance with the skin naturally and easily pushes to the surface, removing the ink from your skin.

There are many benefits of the Rejuvi® tattoo removal system over other tattoo removal methods such as laser. The Rejuvi® tattoo removal system method is much less painful than laser, and also is effective in a shorter amount of time, it also has been proven to be more effective than laser methods, and there is no need to avoid sunlight after a treatment session. After care is much the same as for the original tattoo.

The Rejuvi® tattoo removal system has been proven effective for homemade and professional tattoos as well as permanent make up, on almost all of the body. Some sensitive areas such as around eyes do require special after care considerations. Best of all The Rejuvi® tattoo removal system is not colour sensitive (as laser is) and works equally well on all colour pignments and inks.

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